Fields of application

Petroleum refining

  • Purification of jet fuels and oils
  • Purification of diesel from water, mechanical impurities and microorganisms
  • Purification of diesel on the line delivering it from rectification towers to storage tanks
  • Drying of process gases (also those including hydrogen)
  • Purification of paraffins from sulfoacid impurities
  • Purification of oils during their production
  • Advanced treatment of waste waters from petroleum products at refinery plants, petroleum depots and petrol stations before the discharge into the sewage collector

Transport (overland, marine, avia)

  • Purification of motor fuels including those containing biocomponents from water, mechanical impurities and microorganisms before tanking
  • Preparation of fuels for operation after a long storage period in their own vehicle fleet tanks
  • Disposal – preventive cleanup of storage tanks
  • Automotive filters
  • Fine purification filters on board of sea fleet

and gas production, petrochemicals

  • Purification of gas media including hydrogen and mechanical impurities
  • Purification of hydrocarbon liquid and gaseous media from moisture, mechanical and biological contaminants
  • Purification of gas media, associated gases (including those containing hydrogen) from water and mechanical impurities
  • Exudation of moisture from the associated gases

Food Processing

  • Separation of moisture and refining of vegetable oils
  • Processing of vegetable and animal fats
  • Cleaning of raw materials for biodiesel production (used vegetable and animal fats)
  • Filtration of wines
  • Drainage of and gases

Heavy industry, metallurgy

  • Regeneration of used oils (except motor oils) for recycling
  • Purification of industrial recycled waters from mechanical impurities (iron oxides)


  • Cleaning and regeneration of industrial, transformer as well as steel-hardening oils

Fields of application is not limited to this list!

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