Cribrol EX pump units

We would like to present our new product – Cribrol pump units. Having originally designed transfer pump unit, these excel existing types of , such as gear , cam , rotary , peristaltic , screw , and reciprocating in terms of efficiency, reliability, and resistance to wear. Utilization of the Cribrol pump units will significantly reduce energy consumption for many years of effective operation ahead.

Principle of operation

Pump components

Mechanism of the transfer pump unit comprises of two bound halves (1,2) and a rotary and bucket block (3-5). When connecting the halves a through hole is formed between them, which is covered by the parts of the rotary and bucket block. The rotary and bucket block comprises of the central rotor (5) and two buckets (3,4) and forms four separate pots that change their volume while rotation. The fluid is pumped through the transfer pump unit due to the flow difference.

Some fields of application

The field of application is extremely wide due to the low energy consumption and high resistance to wear:

  • Food, , chemical, petrochemical industry, paint and coating industry, and pulp and paper industry
  • Water supply and waste water treatment facilities, sewage and locks
  • Machine building, shipbuilding, and machine tool industries
  • POL and related products distributing systems

Advantages of the Cribrol pump units over other positive displacement

  • High energy efficiency
  • High degree of efficiency up to 98%
  • Small size and weight
  • Low hydraulic resistance
  • In-Line installation
  • Reversibility, self-suction
  • Rigid pressure and supply characteristics
  • Resistance to wear by abrasive contaminants
  • Effective pumping of thick liquids
  • Careful pumping of liquids
  • Direct drive to the engine
  • Designed life of bearings is 70,000-80,000 hours
  • Long life of face seals
  • Long overhaul period