Air-preparation for compressors

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Осушение воздуха для компрессоров

When operating, compressor equipment especially piston-type compressors pump polluted compressed . In this case the source of contamination is the compressor itself, the outer atmosphere and the pipeline. The presence of contaminants in the pressurized significantly reduces the service life of pneumatic devices.

Similar damage for pneumatic equipment provides moisture dissolved in the . Moisture released by the compressor during operation can reach significant volumes. For example, a compressor forcing environment under the pressure of 0.8 MPa with a capacity of 14 cubic meters per minute during an 8-hour day forms over 160 liters of condensed moisture. No action on preparation of compressor and pneumatic equipment taken causes such effects as corrosion of units and assemblies, pipes and fittings, various heads and nozzles and, as a result, their breakdown.

Among recent developments the domestic market offers membrane, adsorption, refrigerating and hygroscopic types of dryers. They all have their advantages and disadvantages but they are united by their high operating costs: consumables, energy, high-quality service.

Laboratory of filtering materials “E-KO” represents a fundamentally new innovative way to solve the problem of -drying and cleaning it of impurities. Without energy costs, without the use of adsorptive materials or expensive membranes, simply by passing through a special nanoporous composite material which, moreover, has a very low resistance, we have dried up to 95-97% of the initial state and purified from mechanical impurities up to 93-98% at filter fineness equal to 3-5 microns.

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