The aging of transformer oil

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Трансформаторное масло

Long-term operation of the transformer turns into a significant change of physico-chemical properties of transformer . Such metamorphoses should be perceived as a negative factor. As a result of these changes the transformer is losing its original characteristics. This process is called “aging of transformer .” Which dangers threatens the aging of transformer with and is it possible to prevent or offset the effects of this process?

The result of the aging of transformer is a significant deterioration of the electrophysical and chemical parameters that determine the efficiency of the device as a whole. As a result, electrical properties of are lost partially or completely, followed by deposition and condensation of sediment. The aging of transformer is an inevitable process which is particularly intense when the transformer is being excessively heated.  The intensity of the aging of in the transformer is also affected by oxidative processes which take place in the environment of such components as hydrocarbons, tar and sulfur products.

Laboratory of filtering materials “E-KO” offers affordable equipment for the regeneration of transformer oils. As a result of the regeneration water, carbon, sludge and other contaminants are completely removed, acidity is reduced, the becomes transparent, no precipitation observed. Physical and chemical properties such as breakdown voltage, freezing temperature and others are restored.

The advantages of our equipment over analogues available in the market are that we do not use such material and energy-consuming processes like evaporation, vacuum distillation, adsorption, coagulation. It’s enough to pass the transformer through a filter element made of a special composite nanoporous material “E-KO.” At the same time the filter unit has a small size, high performance and does not require connection to the electricity, use of consumables (except for a rare change of the filter element) or a highly qualified service.

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